I’m Living My Best Life! Nutrition edition

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Eating Well Will Make You Feel Well: Change Your Relationship with Food 

This topic is near and dear to my heart. Living my best life because of nutrition is something that you could not have convinced me of 3 years ago. I knew that food made me feel better because of the delicious taste and that moment of satisfied fullness that followed. I actually thought that I was smart about my choices. I actually believed that I was eating healthy! In reality, I was far from it.  Once I changed my relationship with food, my whole life as I knew it changed. Believe it!

The Instagram photo below shows how I finished my very first 102 mile bike ride. What an accomplishment considering that a 5 minute yoga session in 2017 exhuasted me.

I can honestly say that “I’m living my best life” because of my
new nutrition habits and you can too!

Tobi D.

Good Nutrition is as Important as Breathing…

Good nutrition is one of the top most important things that you should think about on a daily basis. Clean and healthy food is as important as oxygen and fresh drinking water. Sure, we can survive on processed junk-food but we cannot thrive.

Six reasons why you should eat a healthy diet so you can live your best life

  1. sleep better
  2. more energy
  3. reduces depression and anxiety
  4. increases your focus and brain health
  5. improves your organ health including your skin, pancreas and cardiovascular system.
  6. Reduces cancer causing inflammation

“Clean and healthy food is as important as oxygen and clean drinking water. Sure, we can survive on processed junk-food but we cannot thrive.” @itstobid

How To Live a Great Life With Good Nutrition!

Focus on the Fog: Good Nutrition is Important for Brain Health

Brain Apples GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Dr. Lisa Mosconi, the author of “Brain Food” (#ad), who holds PhD’s in Neuroscience and Nuclear Medicine from the University of Florence along with a certification in integrative nutrition, including a board-certification as a holistic healthcare practitioner; states that the “food that you eat influences your mental operations”. 

If your gut is healthy, consequently, your brain is healthy.  Interestingly, healthy brains require different foods than our bodies. Dr. Mosconi breaks it down like this:

  • Mediterranean-style diets establish healthier brains than our Western Diet.
  • Peak brain performance can be achieved in the kitchen and starts in the farmers market.
  • Plant-based diets will be best for cognitive health including vegetables, whole grains, legumes, water, and fatty fish. Think Omega 3’s, coconuts in all forms, natural sugars, tryptophan amino acids, eggs (reduces choline deficiency) and lots of water.
  • Reduce Omega 6’s, found in sunflower oil, peanuts, and bacon.
  • Help your future brain by eating well now. Eating plant based foods now will help your brain in the future. Because a healthy meal plan slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Increase brain health by including exercise, cognitive stimulation, healthy friendships and quality sleep.


Healthy foods help you sleep better

eat healthy for better sleep

Did you realize that what you eat affects how you sleep? It all comes down to chemistry. Caffeine, sugar and high glycemic foods are a few reasons why you’re not sleeping. There are specific chemicals in food that will either hurt or help with your slumber. Remember that overwhelming sleepy feeling that you get after eating turkey? Blame the chemical tryptophan!  Of course, caffeine will wake you up but did you know that late-night popcorn will keep you from a deep sleep?

Bad Day? Relax with good nutrition!

So you feel that a massive slice (or 6) of pizza and a beer (or 6) will help you relax? Pizza and beer might make you feel ok right now because high cortisol (caused by stress) causes carb cravings. Later, you’ll pay, considering the cortisol theory discussed in my article: – “I’m Living My Best Life! Sleep edition.”

You have not felt relaxation until you’ve tried some of these tasty treats! Changing your habits is not so hard if you have a plan set in place. Eating healthy to relax is just a change in mindset and a little implementation of some new habits. Check these out!

ABC’s of Relaxation

Avocado Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

A – is for Avocados. These little “guacamole balls” as I call them, contain glutathione, lutein, beta-carotene, Vitamin E and a ton of folate (not an actual measurement). Avocado is considered a healthy fat. It’s no wonder! This green ball of goodness is actually a fruit and it helps to prevent oxidative damage.

B – is for Blueberries, a low-glycemic fruit. Blueberries provide phytonutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties. You’ll be doing your body good by inviting this healthy berry into your breakfast routine.

Reach for the berries when you’re feeling the stress! They are vitamin C rich which combats stress far better than that pizza can.

C- is for Chamomile…best known for its calming effects in tea. Chamomile has long been known for its calming properties. Taking care of your body has never been easier than sliding a tea bag into a hot cup of water. No regrets.


D – is for Dark Chocolate! In moderation, dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure. It contains antioxidants. But don’t overdo it, enjoy your chocolate indulgence once a week.

Keri Glassman, at Prevention.com, gives a superb explanation of the vicious cycle that our bodies go through when we keep caving to our cravings. She certainly opens your eyes to the cause and effect of carbohydrates.
(hint: unhealthy carbs don’t just make you gain weight!)

Good Nutrition Can Provide Good Energy

While we are not kids anymore, age is not a reason to feel sluggish and old. What you put in your mouth can either zap your energy or increase it. Have you ever lived through weeks and weeks of just feeling downtrodden and tired? Try as you might, you could not figure out why? Did you give in and think that was just the way life was supposed to be? It’s all a lie!

Many of us can admit, deep down inside, that we eat too much… and it shows both physically and physiologically. Eating too much can make us feel lethargic and sometimes sick. Read: “What Are The Dangers of Overeating?”

“Start revving up the energy in your day and get your best life back.” @itstobid

But what about those of us that don’t eat enough?

Food is fuel.

You may not be feeding your body enough! I’ve had several clients who thought that exercising could help them lose weight. In addition, they were also cutting too many calories. As a result, they were just plain tired because their bodies had nothing to use as energy. Consequently, the combination of low-calorie intake and over-exercising, the clients were not losing weight because their metabolism was at an all-time low and their body held on to fat.

What you put in your mouth can either zap your energy or increase it. @itstobid

Eating small meals more often can be advantageous to your whole body.

Who doesn’t like to eat more often? Studies show that bypassing meals will cause weight gain. What’s more? …..

This post is continued at…. Eating Small Meals for Energy

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“Never, ever trust “No Fat, No Sugar & No Calories” claims. Trust me, just don’t. If your food doesn’t have these things, what did the manufacturer do with them?” @itstobid

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